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Louis Vuitton Monogram Trophy Case for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

louis-vuitton-monogram-trophy-case-2014-fifa-world-cup-001-960x640French fashion house Louis Vuitton teams up with FIFA for the second time to design a trophy case for this year’s tournament. The case opens from the front and at the top to allow the trophy to be easily removed. Following the final game on July 13, both the trophy and case will be delivered to the captain of the winning game.


What if World Cup Shirts were Designed by Famous Fashion Designers?


This original series of illustrations by Dead Dilly exclusively for Highsnobiety featuring World Cup jerseys as designed by some of the planet’s most renowned designers and brands. From Rick Owens and Raf Simons to BAPE and Supreme, we’ve honored this year’s athletes with designs deserving of their athletic prowess. Each jersey features the corresponding year the pattern or print was designed with textural details thrown in for good measure.

world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-01 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-02 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-03 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-04 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-05 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-06 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-08 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-09 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-10

World Cup kits through the ages – interactive guide

an-interactive-guide-of-the-world-cup-kits-through-the-ages | the style raconteur

So you had a look at this years World Cup kits (with France being the best in my eyes) now you can look at a lnfographic of the history of all 32 teams kits. Since the competition began in 1930, the 32 teams that make up this year’s World Cup field have donned a variety of kits to showcase regional colors, pride, and emblems pertaining to their respective countries. The Guardian recently put together a comprehensive and interactive showcase to illustrate just that. While the large graphic appears above, head here to see the more interactive and in-depth coverage pertaining to each team and their respective kits through the years – from Croatia’s signature checks to Holland’s orange colourway.

Burro No Alla Violenza T-shirts


The first No Alla Violenza t-shirts were designed in late 1989, to promote a peaceful world cup for Italia 90. Initially some retailers rejected them on the grounds that the message was ‘too deep’, however they were soon stocked by shops like Duffer of St George, Bond, Geese, Psyche, Hip and Well Gosh and over the next few months everyone was wearing them.The anti hooigan message was taken up not only by serious football fans but all the cool club people as well, by the end of 1990 they were the must have item.  They have been re-released for Brazil and available here

P1190551 P1190553 P1190555 P1190557

Adidas World Cup Balls History Set

Arkitip points us at one of the best footie collectors set we have seen in some time – adidas Historical World Cup Soccer Ball Set of 10. Every FIFA World Cup official match ball from 1970 to 2006 (2010 is indeed missing) is presented with balls holders featuring the dates of the Cups. As well each ball is made again to their original and exact manufacturing builds. I would love this on my mantle.
We can sit here and argue our favourites but I am pretty sure the majority of readers will point to the Mexico 1986, Tango Azteca as the ball that sticks the strongest in their youth memory. It is hands down the best pattern, best looking kicker the og ‘78 is great as well. Amazon is selling the set for just under $650

Stussy World Cup Tees

Stussy hits us with a look into a new series of tees in celebration of this year’s World Cup. Several different graphics are offered, all falling in line with Stussy’s signature style. Look for these come May 29th through Stussy Chapter locations

USA Football Jersey 2010

As far as football kits go this new USA goal keeper top looks amazing, lets hope come 12th June we see more of the back of it when Tim Howard is picking the ball from the back of the net! 

Source: Soccer.com