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Rolling Stones x Skull Vodka 50th Anniversary Gift Set


You best believe there was a bit of boozin’ going on backstage at some of the world’s biggest rock shows. In honor of that partying spirit, Crystal Head Vodka has teamed up with the Rolling Stones to release this 50th Anniversary Gift Set. Included is a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka (feel free to mix it with orange to get your Keith Richards on), a handcrafted display case, a 2-disc live compilation CD that will take you through the five decades of Stones awesomeness, and a crystal decanter top engraved with the tongue and lip logo. So put on the CD, break out and few glasses, and get some groupies on the horn to start your own party.


Jamie Hewlett x Absolut Vodka Bottle


In highlighting London’s colorful past and vibrant culture, vodka distillery ABSOLUT enlisted Jamie Hewlett (of Gorillaz and Tank Girl fame) to condense the city’s vibe onto a limited edition art bottle. Like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Louise Bourgeois, and others before him, Hewlett touched-up the bottle with his own signature depiction of London’s past d00 years, first as the backdrop of Dickensian novels, the Dandyism and Savile Row styling at the turn of 1900s, to subsequent raise of hippie, Ska, Punk and 80′s chic in the last century. Celebrating the city’s wealth of tradition and heritage, the ABSOLUT LONDON Edition Art Bottle by Jamie Hewlett will be available through department stores Harvey Nichols and Selfridges on March 1st. In conjunction to the launch, ABSOLUT will be giving away 50 bottles through its Instagram starting today, February 9th. For more details on its availability and a chance to win one, simply visit ABSOLUT UK Facebook page for more information.




Crystal Head Vodka

There’s quite a precedent for rappers creating their own personal Vodka brands, but comic legends like Dan Aykroyd getting into the biz is an entirely different story. Apparently, Crystal Head Vodka is the result of combining two of Aykroyd’s passions: First, his love for the mystery of crystal skulls and the is other is… well, spirits.
The vodka is almost a mere afterthought to the creation of the bottle – commissioned to Aykroyd’s friend and renowned American landscape painter John Alexander. Once completed, vodka seemed like the appropriate filler because it conveyed the happy and pure sentiments ancient civilisations believed that crystal skulls embodied. Afterthought or not, Dan clearly has no intention of joking around when it came to the quality or purity of the booze. That’s why Crystal Head Vodka is quadruple distilled, triple charcoal filtered, and topped off by triple filtration over Herkimer diamonds. Diamonds you ask? That bit of the process is another brain child of Aykroyd. Have a look at a video explaining it all here