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The History Behind Pharrell Williams’ GRAMMYs Hat


During Sunday night’s 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards mayhem, Pharrell Williams choice of headwear stood out as a trending topic on social media platforms, Twitter nearly exploded!! It turns out, however, that the hat has an intricate design story that dates back to some of the most noted moments in hip-hop, as well as the fashion it fuelled. The hat’s bold silhouette can be traced back to Vivienne Westwood‘s design from the 1980s, when it first appeared in Malcom McLaren’s “Buffalo Girls” music video. Dubbed anything from the “Buffalo Hat,” to the “Mountain Hat” or “Jelly Mould Hat” by Westwood herself, Pharrell admits that it would have been “real stylin’” if he had an original piece from ’80s. Head here to read more on the hat’s provenance.

The Great British Fashion Stamp Set


The Royal Mail launches their latest theme collection of official stamps. The “Great British Fashion Stamp Set” collects garments and styles from 10 local fashion houses including Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen – all beautifully photographed by Sølve Sundsbø with clean silhouettes.








Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Lee

Vivienne Westwood has teamed up denim heritage brand ‘Lee’ to create a capsule collection of denim that every boy about town will be clambering to get their mitts on.
The capsule denim collection from Anglomania & Lee will consist of 4 styles for Men (and 5 for women) and come in styles influenced by classic denim cuts, low crotch jeans, rock ‘n’ roll and, never one to miss out on an opportunity to shock; bondage. Drawing on inspiration from her over flowing design archive, the styles reference Westwood’s height of influence and infamy from the 70′s and 80′s when punk and pirate were the only words any fringe fashion follower would use to describe their style. Westwood signatures can also boldly be found on the collection through the use dynamic cuts she has developed throughout her career and once risqu? design notes such as crotch zips (surely a sign that middle England isn’t quite as shockable as it used to be – in fact, these days, a crotch zip seems more like a dangerous accident waiting happen, as opposed to the ballsy display of sexuality and subversive eroticism it used to be).
The jeans are sure to sell out in an instant, and with finishes that range from distressed and vintage washes to prints that were once used by Viv in her couture designs, these jeans have the potential to become keepers, if not collectables. Quite how Vivienne Westwood, a designer known for her head strong politically and socially aware design ethos, was convinced to collaborate with main stream denim masters such as Lee, we’ll never know – all that ‘beans has to say on the subject is that we’re glad she did. For those who can’t afford to indulge in the main line collections (and let’s face it, who can?), this diffusion collaboration is the ideal way to buy into the Westwood dream. Buy the collection here Words by Fashion Beans