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London Undercover British Woodland Camouflage Umbrella


Umbrella experts London Undercover pay tribute to the retirement of the British Woodland Camouflage, a pattern comprised of four basic western European temperate colors that has been in existence since the ’60s. Offering a brand new umbrella which combines both function and style, the City Gent British Woodland sees the application of original camo patterns over the English-made Ministry of Defense Fabric. In addition, the new model comes absolute with a beech wood shaft and natural Malacca wood handle, orange buttoned-strap fastener and silver tip-cup tips. Now available at select retail accounts for £115 including Togs & Clogs





A Bathing Ape OG Camo Umbrella

The roll-out of A Bathing Ape’s first generation camouflage continues on more than just fashion. The Japanese brand now under the control of Hong Kong fashion conglomerate serves up a camouflage umbrella as a welcome addition to those living in rainy and humid countries or us Brits as the rain is part of our summer!  Set to be available at BAPE STORES globally.

Ralph Lauren Rugby Umbrella

I’ve been quite taken with umbrellas as of late. Another that’s grabbed my attention is this umbrella from Ralph Lauren’s Rugby brand with its wooden handle and wide canopy that’s wrapped in their signature yellow and navy Rugby stripe. Very nice!

Alexander McQueen Skull Umbrella

If you require something a little more dramatic than the Filson Umbrella everyone is banging on about, then leave it to none other than Alexander McQueen to keep you dry in the rain. And of course the umbrella has the brand’s signature skull on the end of the handle. Long live McQueen!

Umbrella Magazine

I’ve just downloaded the first edition of Umbrella Magazine from a recommendation by Lineage Of Influence. The lowdown of this mag is it’s set up by Anthony Teasdale (ex-Arena magazine and also regular contributor to Esquire, Grazia and FHM), Umbrella is a fashion/lifestyle/architecture/travel and design magazine for men, all rolled into one and available online or as a downloadable PDF. For this launch issue, the magazine contains articles such as a piece on Aphex Twin’s ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92′, the best way to stalk a celebrity, a nice pictorial piece on Indian matchboxes (more interesting than it sounds), a bit on Rapha’s new store, some nice casual based clothing in the fashion section and loads more stuff too. Download it here