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Tumi Tegris Luggage


I’m currently in the market for some new luggage, Rimowa would be my first choice but dont fancy having a easyjet baggage handler flinging £850 worth of case!! Tumi’s newest hardshell luggage option the Tegra-Lite takes advantage of a thermoplastic exclusive to Tumi called Tegris, a durable and lightweight material found in race cars and protective gear for NFL players. Utilizing aircraft grade aluminum on the handle. At nearly half the price of my grail Rimowa this is looking a great option.


Moleskine Luggage Tags

ATTENTION! Luggage handlers of the world, this is a product you can rob easy!!! Moleskine, a leader in quality notebooks, has released a line of luggage tags featuring the classic design and aesthetic the company has become famous for. Constructed to include all notable elements of a Moleskine, such as its rounded edges, elastic band closure, and embossed signature, these tags are available in Black, Cerulean Blue, Magenta, and Lemon Green. Even though they will most defo only last a couple of trips to the baggage hold I will be teaming oneup with my next purchase of a Rimowa trolly case.

Shopping Trolly Lounger by Mike Bouchet

Artist Mike Boucher has converted the common shopping trolly into a lounge chair, aka the ‘Sun Lounger’.

“They are constructed from existing supermarket shopping carts. The metal is bent back and forward to create the shape of the seat and the child’s seat is reconfigured into an adjustable head rest. Sensible yet comfy cushions complete the lounge. Several versions will be presented including one chair fitted with a parasol and another tricked out with a night time reading light.”