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Montana BLACK 2g USB Stick


With options like Dropbox, Drive and iCloud you probably have little or no use for anything that connects via USB that isn’t a keyboard or mouse. But if you do find yourself taking the occasional file to or from work, Montana has a new 2GB USB stick that’s cooler than most others. Based on their famous BLACK spray paint can, Montana has introduced a new line of jump drives available in knock-out blue, irish green and pure orange. Pop the top off the can and get to work–even if the only tagging you do these days is on Facebook. Price is still TBC







Where F$%& Should I Go Drinks!

We’ve all done it wondering around for hours looking for somewhere to have another drink for me its a frequent activity. Plussixfive figured that since a good majority of the people they have met also share the same sentiments, that it would be suitable to introduce Where The Fuck Should I Go For Drinks to you. Straight to the point and fuss-free, you will be provided with a suggested place in a matter of two clicks. The language used could be offensive to some, but we’re quite positive that there are many who would fucking love it.

Nike Blazer Mid Wool Vac Tech Sneakers


Now available is the Blazer Mid Wool Vac Tech from Nike. Clean and packing a lot of style, this shoe features all around premium wool upper, with leather lining and two-tone laces with the signature Nike swoosh embossed on both sides of the shoe. Easy to wear in my opinion.





J.Crew Cloud Camouflage iPhone 4G Case


I am loving this iPhone Case. J.Crew enter the market of iPhone accessories with this Rubber iPhone 4 case with a cloud camouflage. Very street but with a slight understatement.