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Champion Reverse Weave Collection

Champion Reverse Weave

Japan always get the best stuff, FACT! There are too many brands out there that dont sell or even ship to our shores. Saying that one of my favourite US heritage brands, Champion have seen sense and at the back end of last year they re-released their legendary Reverse Weave  Collection of sweats, hoodies & joggers. For the uninitiated this weaving method ensures the garments avoid vertical shrinkage, so all that heavyweight fleecy cotton goodness won’t change shape any time soon.  Two colours Grey Marl & Navy Blue, unfortunately not in the amazing colours available in Japan buy hey its a start and they are available on your door step.

Champion Reverse Weave Collection Champion Reverse Weave Collection Champion Reverse Weave Collection Champion Reverse Weave Collection Champion Reverse Weave Collection

YMC Dot Sweatshirt

YMC Dot Sweat | The Style Raconteur


Staying true to their aesthetic of creating understated, yet unique garments with a twist. The YMC Dot Print Loopback Sweatshirt is typical of the brand’s approach to everyday basics, with its simple yet cool finish. Constructed from 100% natural indigo dyed cotton loopback jersey, featuring a bold polka dot print. The soft, slubby knit jersey fabric will gradually fade with wear and washing, taking on a unique character. The perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Buy Here

Very Ape UK | Bape Store 10th Anniversary


The Bape Store in London is celebrating its 10th anniversary. For the occasion Bape will be holding a special event with i-D Magazine and of course they also have some nice product releases planned for the occasion.

The ‘Very Ape UK’ line will be re-introduced for the anniversary. Those of you that have not been around at the time, Very Ape UK was Made in UK A Bathing Ape product and some of the first product that the UK got to see from the Japanese brand. Unlike the original Bapehead that looks west, the custom Very Ape UK head looks east. The products will drop at the Bape Store London  on October 20th



Albam Track Sweat

Albam is hardy famed for its conspicious branding, this is a case of their sensibility being at odds with such garishness. The Track Sweat from the upcoming  season is about as far as they will venture. A tastefully done piece, showing the influence of collegiate clothing on Albam’s collection. Practical as they come and stylish to boot. Available soon.

Reigning Champ Autumn Winter 2012


Canadian sweat heavyweights Reigning Champ share a look into their impressive Autumn Winter 2012 Collection. Characterized by the label’s well-known Canadian made terry and fleece garments, the latest line from RC features a bevvy of excellent options to carry you through the rest of the year. Highlights including a 3M coated Alpine Parka and a range of new herringbone terry options are accompanied by the storied sweats we know and love.














Human Made Campus Sweat


Plain is best, but every once in a while a sweatshirt like this catches the eye. It will usually feature a collegiate print and a small C above the cuff, but this is something a bit more special. The large applique letters – front and back – won’t be to everyone’s liking, nor is the price particularly realistic for the vast majority of people but that doesn’t stop it from being a great sweatshirt though.