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Nike x Mr Brainwash ‘Just Did It’ & ‘MBW’

nike-air-force-1-mr-brainwash-700x357Mr. Brainwash has joined forces with Nike to do what he does best: Make things that can vaguely pass as art, and sell them for shit-tons of money. The controversial street artist has put his mark on two popular silhouettes, which is really just a fancy way of saying he messily splattered them with paint. They are available in the “We Just Did It” sneaker which is a modified version of the Air Force One, and the “MBW Shoe” which is a new spin on the Nike Internationalist. Not a colab I’ll be picking up but no doubt they will be swept up by relsellers and appear at the likes of Crepe City for a small fortune. I’m off to Jackson Pollock my Air Force Ones…They’ll both be available for purchase here starting June 26th in extremely limited quantities.

nike-cortez-mr-brainwash-1 nike-cortez-mr-brainwash-2


Sneaker Sculptures by Jason Ruff


We’ve all felt it: The unique kind of envy that results from encountering something you want, but can’t afford. For artist Jason Ruff in his younger years, it was sneakers and cigarettes — which serve as materials for his latest project.

Using sharp scissors and infinite patience, Ruff has created perfect little replicas of classic Nike high-tops using nothing but the materials found in cigarette packs. OK, there’s some duct tape involved too. But you get the point. He describes it as “mixing the unattainable objects of my youth”, and yes — his creations definitely remind us of what it was like to be 15 and mischievous.

All things considered, these awesomely intricate little sculptures are bound to leave you wanting something. It’s just hard to decide if it’s a smoke or a new pair of kicks.

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New Banksy Work : Olympics


With the 2012 London Olympics set to begin this Friday, Banksy gets in on the pomp and circumstance with two new works that tackle the athletic competition. Adding his signature political wit, the javelin and pole vault are given a twist – presenting each athlete as both a long-range arms dealer as well as an eager prison escapee. With the games mere days away, expect a lot more “cheekiness” from the Bristol-native.

The Simpsons Exit Through The Kwik-E-Mart Scenes


Check out these scenes from The Simpsons street art themed episode, “Exit Through The Kwik-E-Mart,” with Shepard Fairey, Robbie Conal, Kenny Scharf, Ron English and of course Bart Simpson’s graffiti personality El Barto. In the episode Bart plasters Homer’s face all-over town with “Dope” stencils and posters resembling Fairey’s famous “Obey” artwork…we’ll have to wait in the UK to watch it, unless you download it from a certain swash buckling website!!!

















‘Hip-Hop Heads’ by Dave Edwin Murray


London-based illustrator, Dave Edwin Murray, presents portraits of big names in the hip hop music industry and manages to captures the essence of each rapper.

The series of illustrated portraits is a personal project of Dave and includes Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Tupac. The ‘snapshots’ are an apt interpretation of each rapper and it’s easy to tell who’s who right away.


At Home With Banksy’ by Julia Kim Smith

While the rest of us wonder how Banksy looks like, Julia Kim Smith has recreated possible home situations the mysterious street artist will find himself in, as most people do. The images of a hooded Banksy reclining on the couch while a woman vacuums nearby actually looks more unrealistic than it should.


New Banksy Print for Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

“After the recent Tesco riots in Bristol Banksy has produced this fine commemorative souvenir poster. It’s available exclusively from Bristol’s Anarchist Bookfair this coming Saturday. All proceeds go to the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft and associates.” – Pictures on Walls.

Paper Craft Sneakers by Mike Leavitt

Seattle based visual artist Mike Leavitt has recreated classic shoes with a cardboard twist… The series of vintage shoes includes all of our favourites from Nike Adidas & Puma. The cardboard recreations, as well as some DIY templates can be purchased here