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YMC Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook

YMC’s amzing new Spring Summer collection available now from www.youmustcreate.com


Our Legacy SS11 Lookbook

Coming from Sweden, Our Legacy is fast becoming a staple brand in the new wave of contemporary menswear. Here is what they are up to for Spring/Summer 2011 with their “Observations” collection. I could begin to explain the collection and inspirations so here what the guys themselves said about the collection.

A persons work indeed reflects a lot upon its personality. By observing the behaviour and appearance of an individual you can take a good guess on what they are occupied with most of their time. Fore some people it is very important what your profession is and for some it doesn ?t matter that much. One thing is sure though, what you wear and how you wear it, is a reflection of your work and the other way around. Some trades require a strict dress code and leaves only small, yet very important details to play with, while some professions have developed their own subcultures with focus on style.

Stone Island Spring Summer 2011 Preview: Berlin

Of the many small Berlin Fashion Week events, one of the highlights was Berlin retailer Firmament’s Stone Island Spring/Summer 2011 presentation. On display was the brand new Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket in brilliant new yellow and blue variations. Many of the guests walked away with exclusive Firmament x Stone Island beanies, which were complimentary while they lasted – as were the drinks. Overall a well-executed event.

To Ki To Spring Summer 2011

Just read a very intresting article on A Continuous Lean about To Ki To…Enjoy

As is the custom in Japan, my best friend Rob and I took our shoes off when we entered Tokihito Yoshida’s studio in the beautiful Daikanyama section of Tokyo. It was a little disarming for me to be meeting with someone in my socks, a feeling that certainly wasn’t the intention of Tokihito. He is soft spoken, courteous and welcoming. There was a language barrier at play as well. He doesn’t speak much English and I don’t speak much Japanese, luckily we had a translator. Oh, and we can talk through the clothing he designs.

Tokihito is probably best known (though I think he still flies largely under the radar) for his wildly successful (and completely badass) Barbour Beacon collection. Outside of that, Tokihito and his own line TO KI TO don’t have much of a presence outside of Japan, something that needs to change. Tokihito has some serious design skills and is deserving of all of the good words that can be sent his way. When it comes down to it, I wouldn’t be afraid to say he is one of the best designers in the world. I’ve never seen a better straight-up outwear designer. Bold statements be damned, the man is good. The details and shapes are equal parts logical and totally unexpected.


Engineered Garments SS11

Taking inspiration from American sportswear and outdoor outfits, New York’s Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2011 Collection offers more than the usual with canvas bags, skinny ties and boat shoes. Fans of fauna would appreciate the floral jackets but the explorer jacket and trench seems to be a hit. Check out the full look book here