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The Complete Kate Moss Playboy 60th Anniversary Editorial by Mert & Marcus


Following the teaser and a first sneak peek at the cover and some shots, we are now able to show the entire Kate Moss editorial for Playboy‘s 60th anniversary issue. Snapped by renowned photographer duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, the British supermodel looks more than stunning in the iconic bunny suit, though we can hardly wait to see her finally get rid of it for good and reveal more of her amazing beauty. Enjoy.

Kate-Moss-by-Mert-Alas-and-Marcus-Piggott-for-Playboy-2875564 kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-02kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-1 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-2 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-3 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-4 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-5 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-6 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-8 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-9 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-11 kate-moss-by-mert-marcus-for-playboys-60th-anniversary-7

Supreme x Playboy

I love Supreme and I’ve also been known to flick through the odd copy of Playboy but that doesn’t mean I like the two together. The Playboy bunny now reminds me of a couple of things. One being my bedroom wallpaper when I was 13, why my mum thought it was a good idea to decorate my bedroom with a jazz mag’s logo I’ll never know. (If she had asked she would of know I was more of a Razzle man back then).  Wannabe young WAGS tramp stamp’s unusually have a Playboy bunny somewhere on them. Then finally Playboy is a middle market brand in the UK for the aforementioned girls and their Mums so no matter how good this collaboration is I wont be buying a item from it.

Saying all that the collection is ok but its for you guys to make your own mind up check it out…