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Adidas ObyO x Ian Brown

return to the original inspiration for adidas Originals by Originals initiative, Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi sought help from friend and fellow musician Ian Brown to his Spring Summer collection Broody in an all black color scheme and billed as the Ian Brown the new design is based roughly on the adidas Originals ZXZ, a sneaker all too familiar to those with an active lifestyle.  Among the mesh and leather, a facsimile of Brown in gold is imprinted on the tongue along with the musician’s name inscribed on the side in gold. They will be released with the rest of adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi in the coming weeks.

Adidas Stripes DB Leather x David Beckham

The adidas Stripes DB is a remixed version of the adidas Montreal created by James Bond for the adidas winter 2010 ObyO David Beckham sneaker collection.  These first appeared in a black & white colourway, but this is an excellent make up. The sneakers have a collapsible heel, which are perfect for the summer just like the colourway. Well worth a purchase now for the summer. Available at SNS