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Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket Spring Summer 2012


Liquid Reflective is a symbol of Stone Island’s research and experimentation as they’re devoted to giving consumers cutting edge garments. Composed of thousands of glass microspheres, it is highly reflective and reacts strongly to light when it comes into contact with even the weakest light sources. The Liquid treatment is applied by means of hand spraying color onto each individual finished garment which then generates an uneven liquid effect. The piece is then baked dry using a similar technology to the one used for car bodywork. Buy here





Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket Spring Summer 2011

One of my favourite pieces of outwear over the last couple of years has been reworked for Spring Summer 2011. The Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket is truly amazing ascetically and technically.

The fabric of the Reflective Jacket is coated with thousands of glass microspheres making the jacket visible in even complete darkness. The garment is made of a special high refraction fabric capable of reflecting even the slightest amount of light, such as a single torch beam at the distance of 300 metres or weak moon light. Not only is the light totally reflected, but its intensity is further enhanced thanks to the brilliant colour of the fabric, which shows up even if the wearer is in complete darkness. This is part of the White Badge series so they aren’t on the shelves for long so buy here while you can

Stone Island Liquid Reflective Jacket

Stone Island continue to produce the best technical jackets on the market in my opinion and this seasons version of the Liquid Reflective Jacket rides that. The fabric is coated with thousands of glass microspheres. The jacket is then spray painted by hand on a mannequin and placed in a oven to dry. The handmade aspect of this process makes each garment unique and unrepeatable. Buy here