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A Bathing Ape Shark Laptop Case


The Bape Shark design remains to be one of the most hyped to be ever created by NIGO and his brand. Its all that remains of my once large Bape collection, I don’t wear it anymore but cant part with it! But i think i will get one of these…This week Bape released the new Bape Shark Laptop Sleeves. They come in black, red with camouflage on the reverse side featuring the same trademark design and applications as the hoodies that made the design famous.




THE NORTH FACE ‘The Shuttle’ Series

Made with Simplicity and Functionality in mind, for the organized who lead a waste free lifestyle.Hence all of “the Shuttle series” come equipped with multipurpose packing as standard.With a built in sleeve made by neoprene, which has an adaptable size to fit both PC’s or tablets, andtheir power supply cords in in the main body safely.Users will be able to carry this large-sized duffel bag on their shoulders as a backpack, yet the bagcomes complete with wheels so that users can also wheel it as they travel, to reduce the load ofheavy baggage.As well as being able to hold baggage necessary for work, it’s 57 liters of space means user can alsohave enough space to bring along their running shoes.

Hard Graft All-in-One Laptop Folio

When it comes to notebook cases, we could all use a little bit of extra space to fit other belongings. Thankfully, Hard Graft thought of that when they designed the premium wool felt All-in-One Laptop Folio. It can fit a 15″ MacBook and it has the ability to expand up to 4cm/2″  to put other items into it. The addition of the leather pouch provides extra space and offers itself as a nice grip to hang on to as well. This is now available at Hard Graft.