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Jil Sander iPad Case

Much like the everything else in the Jil Sander collection, the label’s iPad case is as immaculate as the clean lines that you would find in any Jil Sander piece. Calf leather is finished with a Scotch leather grain and a silver hook detail completes the look.

Jil Sander Autumn Winter 2011: Milan

It was evident at the show for Jil Sander’s Fall 2011 collection that Belgian designer Raf Simons intends to continue building upon the minimal aesthetic that he has created for the label. Most notable were the ribbed knits and three-buttoned flecked felt suits, both of which were shown in a number of different colors ranging from orange and fuchsia to blue, grey and mustard. More than a few times, the brightly colored pieces found themselves cleverly situated atop of each other as turtlenecks were layered underneath quilted tops and ribbed sweaters were styled over collared shirts. Even the hood of a utilitarian parka was lined with a contrasting pink lining. Evoking a spirit of youth and adventure, it’s safe to say that Jil Sander will be one of the standout menswear collections of the season.

Jil Sander Spring 11 Collection

Raf Simons dreams in technicolor. Vivid shades like geranium, lyme grass, and daffodil take their inspiration from the smallest details in nature, and look electric against a blackened Florentine sky. Pleated detailing on the back of a techno trench shows the designer’s skill for precise, razor-sharp tailoring. A series of slim-cut suits in black-on-black wool hit just the right beat amid all the screaming brights. Graphic colour-block-printed shirts seem to get their gusto from the hard-edged paintings of Frank Stella, and a black-and-fuchsia striped sweater nods to the punk style of the Mudd Club. Raf’s bold swagger is in full force here.