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Supreme x Levis Type 1 Jacket



I’ve always known that there were a bunch of  options available from Levi’s for their eponymous “trucker” jacket (corduroy, collars, colours), but I didn’t know until very recently that the jacket you probably already have hanging in your wardrobe is also known as the “Type III” Jacket. Why does that little tidbit of history matter right now? Because the jacket that it’s originally based on, the Type 1, just got the Supreme treatment. Available in red, black, navy, olive and a very train conductor hickory stripe, the Type 1 is back with a slimmer, custom Supreme fit and a houndstooth lining on the inner yoke. Like the classic Type 1, there’s only one flap pocket and the waist adjuster is a slide closure. I love the stripe and the red for the summer.

Supreme-x-Levis-Type-1-Jacket-4 Supreme-x-Levis-Type-1-Jacket-5 Supreme-x-Levis-Type-1-Jacket-1 Supreme-x-Levis-Type-1-Jacket-3

Asics “Kill Bill” Gel Saga II

When Beatrix Kiddo aka “The Bride” did battle with the Crazy 88’s in Kill Bill the film went from colour to black and white because it was far too gory red for the censors. The character was rocking a yellow and black jumpsuit with matching Asics, Bruce Lee style during the scene. (Which were the very first pair of sneakers I sold on eBay.) Referencing that, Asics has hooked up a colorway of the Gel Saga II in yellow and black with a bloody red speckled midsole, which is supported by a gum ouytsole. Look for a drop in 2013