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Moncler Sofa

The Moncler puffa jacket is fast becoming a favourite, but I have to admit it’s never been considered as an sofa. French architects Gilles & Boissier have done just that. Soft, giving and generously padded, the ‘Sit on my Doudone’ truly is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man of the sofa world.

Kebo Bottle Opener

I admire simplicity, especially when it comes to opening alcoholic beverages! Which is why I like this, Kebo Bottle Opener. Based on the Theodore Low bottle opener from the ’30s, it’s cast from stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish, and allows you to open bottles with a simple squeeze of your hand — which is good, if the bottle you’re opening isn’t your first. Or fifth. Like I said, simple is better


Umbro England 2012 Football Shirt


Umbro have unveiled the new England shirt, always a highly anticipated release and the first time the design is purely white with red trim makes for an interesting design. Featuring a woven collar with red inner stripe rib and striped rib cuff detail on the arms, the shirt also features an embroidered red England crest and red Umbro double diamond on the chest. Front body darts provide extra fit and comfort, while under-arm panels offer extra movement and breathability. A certain amount of controversy has come about the release of a new shirt following the previous design was only worn eight times by the national team, creating a bit of frustration by the fans. In my opinion not a patch on the last two home shirts. None the less, a great design and one that will be seen on the pitch, on the terraces and on the streets. Heres the new keeper jersey as well..


Lamp Waaf


There’s a reason they call dogs “man’s best friend.” Unlike cats, dogs want attention all the time, wait for you to get home from work and won’t eat your eyeballs if you happen to kick the bucket. This lamp really has nothing to do with household friends, except for the fact it plays on your heart strings because it looks like a dog. It’s crafted from wood harvested at sustainably managed forests and assembled in France. It’s only a lamp (and it isn’t exactly cheap), but it still looks enough like a dog to make us want it more than anything we’ve ever seen in an IKEA catalog. Now man’s best friend can help you get real work done instead of just tearing you away from it. Yours for about 300 of our American cousins currency.

Raf Simons Home by WSJ

WSJ spent some time with designer, Raf Simons, at his home in Antwerp, Belgium. “Designed in 1968—Simons thinks it’s kismet that it’s the year he was born—by a Belgian couple who imported Modernist furniture, the two-story, open-floor-plan apartment is a primer in mid-century Modernism. A longtime collector of mid-century furniture, Simons knew he would buy it the minute he saw the wenge-wood floating staircase, built-in cabinets and floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass windows.” LINK

Toothpaste-Squeezing Toothbrush

Toothpaste always runs out just when you’re in the biggest rush. You hold the end of the tube with one hand, and squeeze it between the thumb and forefinger of the other, pulling and squishing until the last drops of minty paste are up near the nozzle. You then attempt a kind of gripping/twisting/squeezing motion which  hopefully  extracts the last remnants of toothpaste from the shoulders of the tube, but also rips through these shoulders leaving any remnants open to the air, to become dried out within hours.

What you need, my panicked, angry, job-seeking friend, is the Catherine Werdel’s Toothpaste-Squeezing Toothbrush, which will allow you to gently roll the toothpaste tube “auf den letzten Drücke” (she’s German). It’s an incredibly simple design: just a slot in the toothbrush’s handle which lets you roll the tube and push its contents towards the exit hole. GENIUS!

Titanium Straw

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the Titanium Straw that you can’t get from its name. It’s made from food safe titanium, is dishwasher safe, and pretty much guarantees that you’ll never have to deal with a hole in your straw again. Another one of those thing I dont need but want! LINK


My Cup by Efrat Gommeh

‘My Cup’ is a wicked little design to stop people nicking your favourite mug. The design features a hole which prevents individuals, other than the owner, from using the mug, accompanied by a key to close the hole so that the drinking vessel then becomes usable.


Tom Ford Soap

Only a designer like Tom Ford could make something as simple as bath soap look like it belongs in a museum. This hard-milled soap from his Neroli Portofino collection is formulated with nourishing Olive Fruit oil, Grape Seed oil, and Date Seed extract to keep your skin soft and lightly scented. At £25 for a 155 gram bar, the stuff is pricey….but really, it’s TOM FORD soap! It’s supposed to be luxurious in every way, especially price. Buy here

Lego Lunchbox

Lunchboxes & trainers gave you your time to shine when I was at school because the powers that be wouldn’t let you customise your uniform; Adidas Kick & Thundercats lunchbox were my choice in 3rd year juniors. I would of rocketed to top dog in the playground with this piece of kit. This officially licensed Lego lunchbox is very cool might even get one for the last couple of days of the month when sandwiches from home are the only option for lunch…buy here