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Montana BLACK 2g USB Stick


With options like Dropbox, Drive and iCloud you probably have little or no use for anything that connects via USB that isn’t a keyboard or mouse. But if you do find yourself taking the occasional file to or from work, Montana has a new 2GB USB stick that’s cooler than most others. Based on their famous BLACK spray paint can, Montana has introduced a new line of jump drives available in knock-out blue, irish green and pure orange. Pop the top off the can and get to work–even if the only tagging you do these days is on Facebook. Price is still TBC







The Simpsons Exit Through The Kwik-E-Mart Scenes


Check out these scenes from The Simpsons street art themed episode, “Exit Through The Kwik-E-Mart,” with Shepard Fairey, Robbie Conal, Kenny Scharf, Ron English and of course Bart Simpson’s graffiti personality El Barto. In the episode Bart plasters Homer’s face all-over town with “Dope” stencils and posters resembling Fairey’s famous “Obey” artwork…we’ll have to wait in the UK to watch it, unless you download it from a certain swash buckling website!!!

















Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin Tag T-Shirt

TBH when I went to buy Lanvin Spring Summer 12 collection I seen this t-shirt and thought it was a bit shit. but now Lanvin has released the.. ‘Jeanne Lanvin Tag’ t-shirt and Mr Williams has worn it it WILL be a sell out!!. Basically the tee features an oversized Lanvin logo tag, covered up in colorful graffiti tags. While being very cliche, there is no doubt that the t-shirt will find its fans now. Pharrell showed up at the Lanvin 10 Year Anniversary Party earlier this month, wearing the white colorway of the t-shirt. You can purchase the tee now from the Lanvin online store.

Tumi x Crash Graffiti Luggage

Tumi,  premium luggage brand has launched a limited edition Tumi Tag suitcase collection in collaboration with the New York artist John ‘Crash’ Matos. Only 1,000 of each Tumi Tag cases have been produced for this limited edition series. The Tumi Tag collection features hard side cases, wheeled carry-ons large packing cases and an iPhone 4 case. Each wheeled case will showcase a different section of one of Crash’s dynamic works of art. The interior of each features one of four working drawings created by the artist and includes a unique number that authenticates it.

‘My Graffiti War with Banksy’ by King Robbo

The first time Robbo met Banksy, the latter “decided to get cocky and say I’ve never heard of you, so I gave him a swift backhand” says Robbo. UK graffiti legend Robbo opens up about the long-running feud with British street artist Banksy in a length interview with Sabotage Times. And while people everywhere weigh the differences between street art and graffiti, Robbo muses that “Banksy’s not radical he’s just a toy with a PR team. What he promotes is tacky, mass-produced shit that provokes a reaction to make himself money.” Read the full interview here.


The Original Fat Cap Chair

I love this chair designed by Sander van Heukelom this is one of two conceptual pieces inspired by graffiti culture. Originally created as part of an exhibition, the Fat Cap design will now make its way into a commercial release, Unfortunately the missus has put her foot down and one wont be adorning the The Style Raconteur residence any time soon but for those of you who aren’t under the thumb its available this winter.