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Full Bleed: NYC Skateboard Photography Book

Alex Corporan, who edited the book and shot—or lived—many of the book’s photos, guides us through the skaters, the rails, the drops that defined the City’s skateboard scene:
People ask me ‘where do you skate in New York?’ and I tell them ‘everywhere.’ They’re confused. ‘What do you mean—do you have a skatepark?’ and I say ‘New York City is our skatepark.’ That’s because when you skate in New York, there’s always a spot. Whenever you skate around the city, whether it’s a curb or ledge or bump, you’re always going to find something to skate on.
You don’t drive to skate spots here—you skate everywhere. Cruising around the city builds you up. You get hard, you know? Because you’re always pushing around, and after a while you grow into your own style, your own movement. You have to go through cars, through people. There’s so many obstacles—you have to adapt. And once you do, you can skate anywhere.” Some amazing pictures in here