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A Large Evil Corporation : Evil Vinyl Iconic Characters


After A Large Evil Corporation had amazing feedback from their Vinyl make-ups of Cornetto Trilogy (one of which is above) they have out done themselves with more iconic characters from popular culture. Everyone is bang on the money. Donald & Davey Stott I WANT asap!!! They are currently figuring out some logistics on potentially having them made on a, hopefully, much larger scale – the more you ask for them, the more likely this will happen – so if you haven’t already, go follow them on Twitter, or give them a like on Facebook.

all_3_bowie_smaller-1024x964 Bill_Murray-1024x792 david_and_jack_smaller-982x1024 David_Brent-1024x1024 Donald_and_Davey_Stott-1005x1024 Father_Ted-1024x901 goth_boss_smaller-908x1024 ITcrowd_smaller1-1024x934 Shining_smaller-1024x809 Tubbs_and_Edward-917x1024

Simeon Georgiev Adorns LEGO Figures with Streetwear

tumblr_n0jmpf3CdL1tqv5u8o1_r2_1280Being that the realm of fashion is fixated on offbeat collaborations, have you ever wondered what you happen if your beloved childhood toymaker partnered with your favorite clothing brand? Acting on his own curiosity, graphic illustrator Simeon Georgiev created 3D renderings of LEGO figures sporting a few streetwear brands that currently grace his closet, including Supreme, Hood By Air and Boy London. Head over to Georgiev’s Tumblr for a look at some of his past creative projects.

simeon-georgiev-adorns-lego-figures-with-streetwear-1 simeon-georgiev-adorns-lego-figures-with-streetwear-2 simeon-georgiev-adorns-lego-figures-with-streetwear-3

Daft Punk Action Figures



2013 will go down as the year of Daft Punk. Despite the fact that the French duo had great albums before, nothing will top the hype and publicity that came along with Random Access Memories. Any how they had had figures made of them for years that command a small fortune on eBay…so a pre order for December is a good way of sorting the leather & helmut clad Frenchmen.The details are solid, the helmets even have a shiny finish and they come with interchangeable hand parts so you can change up how they look. Now they can put on a show with some Transformers or any of your old Star Wars figurines on that shelf of yours. $45 each here

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Beastie Boys Collectible Figures

The trio from Beastie Boys are putting up limited sets of their own action figures, used in Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win music video, for sale. Produced by Bathing Ape, the fully jointed action figures will come in a tin container, white jump suits, safety goggles, vests, extra hand attachments and a 2-disc deluxe version of the Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science with an 88 page colour book.  All proceeds go to the Pablove Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand that aid children stricken with cancer.  The Beastie Boys Collectible set is available for USD$750 at their online store LINK.