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The History Of Daft Punk’s Helmets

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk were two French guys who wanted to make dance music, and keep all the focus on just that – the music. In order to strip their personalities from the project completely, they linked up with special effects master Tony Gardner to help them design helmets that would that would shield their identities, essentially rendering them robots who make killer shit to dance to.  Mixmag‘s new mini-documentary, Daft Punk: Behind the Helmets is a visual history of the now-infamous headgear, from it’s early iterations with hair, to the ultra-sleek models of 2013. Watch it above. Seriously.

Daft Punk Action Figures



2013 will go down as the year of Daft Punk. Despite the fact that the French duo had great albums before, nothing will top the hype and publicity that came along with Random Access Memories. Any how they had had figures made of them for years that command a small fortune on eBay…so a pre order for December is a good way of sorting the leather & helmut clad Frenchmen.The details are solid, the helmets even have a shiny finish and they come with interchangeable hand parts so you can change up how they look. Now they can put on a show with some Transformers or any of your old Star Wars figurines on that shelf of yours. $45 each here

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Daft Punk for CR Fashion Book


Daft Punk recently sat down with Sky Ferreira of CR Fashion Book for an interview and photoshoot ahead of the release of Random Access Memories. Suited-up in custom Saint Laurent tuxedos designed by Hedi Slimane, the duo made for quite the sight. They spilled the beans on a variety of topics including the inspiration for the album title, working with Hedi Slimane and the current state of dance music. Below is a brief excerpt from the interview, the entirety of which can be found at CR Fashion Book.

SKY FERREIRA: What’s the meaning of your album’s title, Random Access Memories?
The title plays with concepts of computer memory and human memories, establishing a loose parallel between the human brain and the hard drive—both are somehow randomly fragmented devices. We have always been fascinated by the relationship and connections between man and machine. 

What is the essence of the album?
This album is about technology going towards humanity, in a world where humanity is going towards technology. We tried to capture robotic emotions with music, replacing this time our electronic machines by real human beings.

What was the most difficult aspect of realizing the album?
Making this album was difficult and challenging in an exciting way, but that is the nature of these empirical musical experimentations. We tried to do some things we had never done in a studio. We wanted to learn techniques we did not know. We did not want to take the easy route. But somehow, the difficult parts of the entire creative process are what made the journey really worth it. 

It’s been almost 10 years since your last album. How do you think music has changed?
Everything now changes at a frantic speed. Our previous album seems to have been released a lifetime ago. We just created a timeless bubble around us for the last five years in order to create the music we wanted to listen to. 

You’re fascinated with the past. If you could travel to any moment in time, when and where would it be?
It’s a tough question to answer. Maybe witnessing the completion of the Great Pyramids, then traveling to see the remaining Six Wonders of the World, which are now long gone. 

You have said in many interviews that dance music as a whole is suffering right now. Why?
Dance music is almost exclusively made today with laptop computers, on the same software, with the same virtual instruments, and a lot of the same drum sounds. Computers, as music instruments, are making it difficult for musicians to have their distinctive sonic personality, and a lot of dance records are starting to sound the same, in a very formatted way.

What was your creative brief to [Saint Laurent designer] Hedi Slimane for this album?
Hedi is a longtime friend of ours. We share a lot of the same tastes in art and music. There was no specific brief for this album; we just played him the music. We generally prefer the music to do the talking. 

This album has been in the works for a long time. What is one of your best memories from putting it together?
Being in the studio with Nile Rodgers, one of our childhood heroes, was definitely one of the highlights. He just brought his guitar to Electric Lady Studios in New York and started to play. It is the exact same guitar he’s been playing on all these records and songs we love, like “Le Freak,” “Good Times,” “I’m Coming Out,” “He’s The Greatest Dancer,” “Upside Down,” “Let’s Dance,” and “Like a Virgin.” It was an amazing moment. 

All of your albums before this one were more or less homemade. Why did you decide to begin recording in a studio?
After having made three albums, we were looking for a fourth album we had not yet done. We’ve been making music as Daft Punk for 20 years, and we are always trying to feel like beginners. Going in a studio for the first time felt exciting because it was something new. WithRandom Access Memories, we ultimately decided we wanted to do a record we could not have done at home.

Where do you see yourselves in another 20 years?
That is classified information.

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Coca-Cola x Daft Punk Limited Edition Box Set


Continuing on from the last project between Coca-Cola and Daft Punk, the two have worked on another limited edition project to great effect. Highlighted by 925 silver and 18k gold logo branding in addition to “Daft Punk” custom caps this makes for a very impressive outcome. Strongly inspired by the helmets that we associate with the techno duo there are only 20 sets in productiond worldwide so check out DaftCoke.com and be quick, very quick.



Daft Punk Helmet by Volpin Props

In what is arguably the absolute coolest and most sought after accessory in the history of performing arts, the Daft Punk Helmet has been completely and functionally replicated. This version, created by Harris Krix of Volpin Props (the guy makes so many amazing prop replicas), is based on the helmet Thomas Bangalter would wear. The project took four months to complete, but as you can see from the results, its entirely worth the effort.

Trinity Orchestra plays Daft Punk

Back in February 2011, the Trinity Orchestra, the only fully student run orchestra in Ireland, played Daft Punk’s album “Discovery” in Trinity College Dublin’s Exam Hall, the first ever live full orchestral performance of the music of Daft Punk. This video features the medley that was played as an encore. Enjoy!

Daft Punk x Coca Cola ‘Club Coke’

Following a successful collaboration with Mika in 2010, soft drink giant Coca-Cola partners up with another major act in 2011 as they introduce the Daft Punk x Coca-Cola “Club Coke”. Produced in two distinctive colorways, mimicking the helmets worn by the French duo, the gold and silver bottles will see a limited production run beginning in March 2011. In addition to the general release at clubs, the bottles will be packaged in a collector’s box as a set, made available in exclusively through colette in Paris. Further information on this collaboration will become available through Daftcoke.com, which goes live in a few months.

Hot of the press see the commercial….

A Visual History of Daft Punk’s Helmuts

The visual aesthetic of Daft Punk has had just as much of an effect on their popularity as their groundbreaking music. Daft fan wolf_boy2027 put together a visual timeline regarding the evolution of the Daft Punk helmet as worn by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

Medicom x Daft Punk

Daft Punk & Medicom have teamed up to celebrate the duos upcoming feature film debut in ‘TRON: Legacy’ with two new toys. The toys come in two styles—action figure and kubrick—and are set to be released April 2011.

Daft Punk did the whole soundtrack for the new TRON film in addition to making a cameo appearance. I’ve never been a huge fan of the kubrick toys, but I love what Daft Punk & Medicom have done here. The wait for the new TRON film and all of its accompanying merchandise just became unbearable.


Daft Punk X TRON Legacy OST – The Game Has Changed

For a movie about a digital universe in for the kill, it is only appropriate that the soundtrack to one of 2010’s most highly anticipated movies, TRON Legacy, was created by psychedelic-electro DJ duo, Daft Punk. While the TRON Legacy OST has been available for your online listening pleasure for a few months now, a new track, The Game Has Changed, had just surfaced online as well. Meanwhile, the official soundtrack release date has been pushed back to December 7, a month later than the previously anticipated November release. Listen below

Daft Punk – The Game Has Changed by Hypetrak