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Champion Reverse Weave Collection

Champion Reverse Weave

Japan always get the best stuff, FACT! There are too many brands out there that dont sell or even ship to our shores. Saying that one of my favourite US heritage brands, Champion have seen sense and at the back end of last year they re-released their legendary Reverse Weave  Collection of sweats, hoodies & joggers. For the uninitiated this weaving method ensures the garments avoid vertical shrinkage, so all that heavyweight fleecy cotton goodness won’t change shape any time soon.  Two colours Grey Marl & Navy Blue, unfortunately not in the amazing colours available in Japan buy hey its a start and they are available on your door step.

Champion Reverse Weave Collection Champion Reverse Weave Collection Champion Reverse Weave Collection Champion Reverse Weave Collection Champion Reverse Weave Collection

Stussy x Champion Reverse Weave Army Tee



Collaborating with basics mainstay Champion, Stussy releases the heavy weighted Army T-Shirt that sports the former brand’s patented Reverse Weave ARMY logo on front. Weighing in at 9.4 oz, the apparel piece boasts high durability while not overloading itself with street print – an ample aesthetic and feel for the given theme. The Stussy x Champion Army T-Shirt comes in four colourways consisting of navy, black, grey and white, and can be found at the Stussy Japan webstore.

Champion x Supreme Crew Neck Sweat & Hoody


Supreme dropped an new release this morning. The crewneck sports stars all over and the hooded parka zip jackets come in the 4 colours green, navy, orange and black, featuring striped rib cuffs and waistband. Both styles show the Champion logo stitched on in the front and the parka features the signature Supreme lettering on the back.






Bape x Champion

For me if this collaboration happened 6 years ago I would of been doing summersaults as in 2004 I was paying over the odds for Bape from resellers and searching high and lo for vintage Champion, both I kinda grew out of. Bape has finally officially (in the early days Bape was printed on Champion sweats) teamed up with Champion to produce a solid sweat available in grey and navy.

The all American originators of the ‘hoodie’ Champion have produced in conjunction with Bape a pull over that is of course, as it’s Bape, a product that boasts the best in quality and shape. Featuring the Bape college print of the ape head as well as Champion tags on the sleeve to authenticate this collaboration. I cant see me scrapping my ‘nobape’ ban for one of these.

Available right now from today online and in store from Bape.