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Rimowa iPad Case

Branching out from its highly regarded luggage lineup, RIMOWA enters the world of tablet accessories with its recent iPad Case announcement. If its domination of the high-end luggage and travel goods category wasn’t sufficiently apparent, the label applies its trademark hard body case and signature ribbed pattern to a smaller version intended to protect your iPad from the day-to-day chaos. Coming in at a retail of $250 USD, the RIMOWA iPad Case boasts a zipped closure, expected hard case frame mocked up in black leather and a recognizable, yet understated RIMOWA branding on the lower right corner.

Filson iPhone Case


You iPhone toting Filson fans will be happy to know that the brand is finally releasing a proper iPhone Case crafted from their Genuine Bridle Leather, and while we love that they’ve finally have an iPhone case, I can’t help but wonder how much more perfect it would be if it had a blaze orange pull strap!

iPhone 4 Legacy Case

Now de Keiser and Les Forges MDK studio have created this great iPhone 4 Legacy Case. Taking us back to the early days of the world’s biggest technology company, the iPhone 4 case turns your phone into today’s version of the Macintosh 128k computer with its beige color and multicolor Apple logo. This is merely conceptual at this stage, but if it went into production we know it would sell well.

Vans iPhone Waffle Case


Something things pass you by and when you find out about them it’s too late and they have gone. Now that’s not some deep and meaning full status it’s in fact taking about products. It doesn’t happen very often but I never had a clue about this Vans iPhone 4 case until yesterday 24 hours too late!! This case was made for me! It could not be any more classic Vans in terms of styling.

Vans have announced that the next drop will be in February 2012 and will sell for $28. Now I have two options, wait till a fresh drop hits in Feb 12 or pay £80 on eBay….what to do?




SKINNY iPad 2 Keyboard Case

From Hatch & Co comes what they hope will be the answer to the obvious limitations of the iPad when it comes to typing lengthier documents. The keyboard/case, called simply the SKINNY, is in fact just 0.6 inches thick, and works by connecting to the iPad via Bluetooth. It is dust and water proof and boasts a 68 hour battery life, all of which are sure to keep you productive without having to worry about the keyboard not working. It is offered in two colorways, white and black, and is available right now at Hatch & Co’s website for $89.99.

Superior Labor Leather iPad Case

In addition to the scores of protective cases that have surfaced since iPad’s inception, Japan’s Superior Labor has created a minimal and timeless version of the gadget’s case. Taking shape using supple black leather, the iPad slips into a suede lining to prevent any scratching. Moreover, the exterior features tonal stitching, gold branding and vintage metal buttons. Made in Japan, the iPad Case is now available at Up There Store

Maison Martin Margiela iPhone Case

When you have a beautiful piece of design like an iPhone, you might as well keep it protected in a beautiful case, like this one from Maison Martin Margiela. Made of the highest-quality leather, the interior is lined with a beautiful lambswool that ensures your phone will be safe from anything you can throw at it.

Yoori Koo’s Elasty iPhone 4 Case

Belkin doesn’t make this Belkin-branded iPhone case, but it should do. It’s a concept design from Yoori Koo, and is the functional equivalent of wrapping a couple of rubber bands around your phone, only it doesn’t obscure the display.

Koo’s Elasty case is much like any other bumper-with-a-back style case, encasing the iPhone’s squared-off body in a silicone shroud. The difference comes in a set of four thin strips formed by slits in the rubber. These pull away and let you tuck in cash, cables, cards and even pens. Anything that can be squeezed behind a loop can be carried.

Larger items are of course impractical, but once they get really big, the relationship changes and you can hang the phone em on them. Otherwise, tucking in your beer money or your wound-up earbuds is a great idea.

According to Radhika Seth of Yanko Design, Koo’s design has actually won a “Korean Belkin Design Award,” so maybe we’ll see it on stores sooner or later.

Moleskine “Writing, Traveling and Reading” Collection

After its initial announcement a few weeks ago, Moleskine’s “Writing, Traveling and Reading” Collection effectively set the wheels in motion for the notebook brand to extend its presence through a range of lifestyle products. Among the items was not only a selection of stationery products with considered design, but also both formal leather and nylon bags.

Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone 4 Case

I love this, prob a bit toooo geeky to actually purchase but never the less. Society6  is offering a Star Wars inspired case for your iPhone 4 ; Steve Jobs frozen in carbonite, struggling to get out. Might be worth buying because when Apple order production to be ceased it will become a collectors item. (and they will!)