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AAPE by A Bathing Ape x Pepsi 2012 Moonface Camo Cans


I love this shit! On my desk I have 3 of the original Pepsi Bape cans….This is part of a collaboration that will extend to T-shirts, umbrellas and an array of diverse products, AAPE by A Bathing Ape and Pepsi have teamed together to produce a limited run of “MOONFACE LOGO” Camo cans. The cans will be released in both blue and earth-tone camouflage colorways particular to the streetwear label, and prominently feature the distinctive ape “moonface” on their surfaces. This Hong Kong-only release will hit Circle K convenience stores on August 13 in the military camo, while select locations will carry the blue colorway beginning September 13. Soooo if any one is off so Asia please let me know!




Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier Night & Day Cans

French couturist Jean Paul Gaultier expands his material choice for design to include metal — not the precious kind, but the Coke can variety. The exclusive Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier special edition collaboration with its “Night & Day” iterations unveiled a third Tattoo-inspired Diet Coke bottle design only recently, now followed by these special edition Coca-Cola light/Diet Coke cans. To dispel confusion, Coca-Cola light is simply Diet Coke’s alternative label in countries where “diet” is not used to describe low-calorie drinks. This is the first time in the beverage brand’s history that a design collaboration has been translated onto the 330ml cans. The ‘Night’ can immortalizes Gaultier’s iconic corset and cone bra design in classic glam rock fashion while the ‘Day’ can stands inspired by his signature Breton blue and white stripe motif. These cans are available across Europe at select retailers until September.

Coca-Cola x PLAY Comme des Garçons

Just shortly after having shown you the upcoming Bape x PLAY COMME des GARCONS Collection, here is a look at another interesting project. Created by design student Ashley Shen, we can actually not confirm at this point wether or not the project is becoming reality, yet it looks so great that we wanted you to see it.

Ahsley Shen created designs for a limited edition collaboration between Coca-Cola and PLAY COMME des GARCONS. Presented are three designs, that package the classic Coke can in the PLAY design. We would certainly love for these to be released.