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Canada Goose Behind The Scenes

Canada Goose | The Style Raconteur

Gear Patrol recently visited the factories of Canadian institution, Canada Goose. The outdoor imprint has dedicated itself to the craft of keeping people warm and protected since 1957. However, the brand truly defined itself for the modern era in 1972, when CEO Dani Reiss’ father David Reiss invented the down-filling machine which led to a new range of ultra-wear and now iconic jackets. Since then, the Toronto-based Canada Goose has forged ahead in maintaining a close and intimate relationship with both the product it creates and the people it protects. The brand has recently opened the doors to a new showroom, design studio and factory that enables the rapid iteration and design of new products. This close-knit approach will further build on the credibility and growth the iconic brand has had over the course of the last half century. For more information head over to Gear Patrol and buy Canada Goose HERE

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Canada Goose Expedition Parka

Canada Goose | The Style Raconteur

Its getting colder unless you live in the south and you are on to the 12th indian summer/ heatwave of the the year, I live in the North and its parky outside..so its time to search for that winter jacket because the one I bought early in August to be the first to have it I’m bored of!!! So over the next couple of weeks I try and post up what I think are the ebst of the Winter. Up first is the Canada Goose Expedition Parka. Originally developed for scientists working in research facilities at McMurdo station in Antarctica, the Expedition Parka is one of our most iconic, warmest and durable parkas. It features a highly functional collection of external pockets, perfect for easy gear storage (not that ‘gear’ I mean phone ect!) and hand warming. Everything feels heavy-duty and ‘proper’ with this jacket. Finished with flexible rib-knit cuffs which storm flap over front zipper to complete they closure to the cold.  Available here


Canada Goose Factory Tour

Nothing quite signifies cold like the image of a bundled-up kid with arms splayed to the sides. For those who’d rather minimize the bulk and unnatural limb positions, Canada Goose is in the midst of reinventing their typically function-over-fashion parka with more street-ready style. When the brand recently invited Cool Hunting on a tour of its factory in Toronto, we went along to learn all about their iconic parkas.

Canada Goose’s appeal rests on two pertinent facts—the jackets are made entirely on Canadian soil by Canadian hands and the quality is irrefutable—a process we saw first-hand on Canada Goose’s factory floor. Starting in the design room, cutting patterns are developed and prototypes are stored. The jackets are cut out of Canada Goose’s proprietary blend of Arctic-Tech fabric, in one of their several heritage colors. They’re then stitched by hand and filled with different combinations of goose and duck down, using an ingenious device invented by former Canada Goose owner David Reiss that measures down by volume instead of weight.

After finishing touches, quilting and trimming with coyote fur, the jackets are packaged, and shipped all over the globe from one of Canada Goose’s eight factories. Each jacket features Canada Goose’s signature design features, implemented for function in an Arctic environment—reflective tape, coyote fur, and grab loops on the neck and shoulders. Their parkas are standard wear among everyone who has to work in extreme temperatures, from Hollywood grips who stay on set all night to the champion dog-musher Lance Mackey, whose custom-designed parka has extra water bottle pockets on the interior and an extra-large ruff.

Their reputation for quality—as well as their luxury prices—have made the jacket something of a status symbol among those in colder climes. Along with the police officers and park rangers whom the parka was originally intended for, Canada Goose also includes club bouncers among its fans, and its street appeal spread from there. With that in mind, Canada Goose has started developing different branches for this year, including jackets by acclaimed Japanese menswear designer Yuki Matsuda (pictured below) and a new Hybridge line


Canada Goose x Colette

Yesterdat the long awaited collaboration between Parisian boutique colette and Canada Goose was released. The jacket comes in the colette blue and features a tonal embroidered logo on the chest, along with some arm patches and a fur hood. It is now available here