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Simeon Georgiev Adorns LEGO Figures with Streetwear

tumblr_n0jmpf3CdL1tqv5u8o1_r2_1280Being that the realm of fashion is fixated on offbeat collaborations, have you ever wondered what you happen if your beloved childhood toymaker partnered with your favorite clothing brand? Acting on his own curiosity, graphic illustrator Simeon Georgiev created 3D renderings of LEGO figures sporting a few streetwear brands that currently grace his closet, including Supreme, Hood By Air and Boy London. Head over to Georgiev’s Tumblr for a look at some of his past creative projects.

simeon-georgiev-adorns-lego-figures-with-streetwear-1 simeon-georgiev-adorns-lego-figures-with-streetwear-2 simeon-georgiev-adorns-lego-figures-with-streetwear-3


BOY London Autumn Winter 12


Until recently the last time I seen a BOY London T-shirt or cap was on The Pet Shop Boys or Boy George on re-runs of TOTP2 now though the scenesters have got a hold of it and the brand is cool again. Founded by Stephane Raynor in 1977, BOY London quickly became a cult label, amassing fans across all manner of British subcultures (mainly one in particular!) . Having disappeared off the map for a while, the brand relaunched in 2007, picking up exactly where it left off – and we’re pleased to see that their offerings for 2012 are every bit as iconic as the original designs. A number of T-shirts adorned with the BOY London label are now available for AW12, as well as a black baseball cap.