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Bicycle Taxidermy

Before east London swapped feet for ‘fixies’ I owned my pride and joy a PK Ripper BMX now I loved it like it part of my own family, to cut a long sad story short it was killed by a Redcar & Cleveland bin wagon damaged beyond repair all the joy and memories gone!! Thanks to Bicycle Taxidermy, you can remember your old friend every time you walk into your house. Bicycle Taxidermy is a plaque and wall mount for your old ride’s handlebars. If you don’t have a broken down bike, you can also purchase a plaque with some other bike front already attached, though that story is a bit less interesting. I recommend using your own, so go out there and shoot your bike. Buy here

Stussy x W-BASE “How I Roll” BMX Bike

Stussy links up with Shibuya bike experts W-BASE on a new 26″ BMX, a reproduction model from the 1970s, of course updated with modern characteristics and construction. The crusier features an old school look with plenty of attention to detail, including Stussy branding, Oakley B-1B grips and an engraved front end reading “Ride Tough Little Boys”. The bike will see a release on April 7 through W-BASE, with availability via Stussy chapter stores and web shops on April 18, 2011

Rust Heap BMX Bike

Here is Rust Heap, a multi-brand collaboration BMX bike that was over a year in the making. Brought together by longtime BMX pro Mike Ardelean and Tim Swart of UNIV, the two friends connected their network of eight other friendly brands to build a customised project bike. The entire collaborative brand line up includes Verde, UNIV, Odyssey, Duo, Defgrip, Ludwig Van, G-Sport and The Laboratory.
Rust Heap features the highest quality parts from the various collaborative partners. The Verde Cartelframe/fork/bars were painted by The Laboratory to look like rust. It was given many layers of paint in different textures over a multi-week period to achieve the look of something that had been pulled from the bottom of the ocean. The custom-made UNIV head badge adds to the bike’s D.I.Y. personality.