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BBC x A Bathing Ape Capsule Collection

billionaire-boys-club-x-a-bathing-ape-2013-capsule-collection-1Both Billionaire Boys Club and A Bathing Ape are definers of ‘fresh’, and when the two come together, the result is undeniable. Such is the case with the recently unveiled collaborative project between BBC and BAPE, released in continuing celebration of A Bathing Ape’s 20th anniversary. The two brands come together to not only commemorate, but also celebrate their long-standing relationship – given Pharrell Williams and NIGO started Billionaire Boys Club in 2003. Accordingly, a series of t-shirts have been released with custom graphics that overlap BBC and BAPE’s intergalactic motifs. Look for the t-shirts to drop at Billionaire Boys Club in Tokyo and selected A Bathing Ape retail locations.

billionaire-boys-club-x-a-bathing-ape-2013-capsule-collection-5 billionaire-boys-club-x-a-bathing-ape-2013-capsule-collection-2 billionaire-boys-club-x-a-bathing-ape-2013-capsule-collection-3 billionaire-boys-club-x-a-bathing-ape-2013-capsule-collection-4

Billionaire Boys Club Hoody

To be honest I am sick to death of seeing down filled gillets over the last couple of week as every brand has a couple in their AW11 collections, then I saw this. Love the shape, the closure detail and the colour. Great one I like….think again they had to go and spoil it with a back print, not my taste but one mans rubbish is another mans treasure! Anyway its available now

Billionaire Boys Club Club Wool 50’s Jacket

I sort of grew out of in your face street wear a while ago so Billionaire Boys Club doesn’t really get a look in anymore but they have have just released a modest array of clothing with a slight formal nod. This varsity jacket is really really nice. Styled with a 50’s aesthetic, the jacket features contrasting sleeves and details as was popular at the time. Finished with a folding grey collar, three front zips and discreet branding, the jacket is now available at the Ice Cream stores in Japan.