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Tom Hide Accessories

64232-434cf4c8af4847ff93fd1b4d3114b3b6I’m a sucker for well crafted accessories and Tom Hide is a London based creative company, developed from a desire to produce heritage inspired items, made with quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Careful attention is given to the selection of materials that are durable, timeless and shall develop individual character as they age.  The current line of belts, bags and leather goods uses waxed canvas from Scotland, leather from premium suppliers in Europe and USA and high strength thread from Japan. Constructed by hand in England using a blend of modern and traditional techniques, each item is unique and enduring. Check em out here64232-434cf4c8af4847ff93fd1b4d3114b3b664232-350316b0252243e5943c7a982a2e898b 64232-6d81685393404a1484dd7400b04ca76c64232-583f78f42f8b423082870988e4c27221 64232-329ad00708e946a28e9024e284e6d83364232-c31c7a29cb514dbf95dd5e89cf088d98 64232-ad174433c8df46d7a15a59b67f6c28f564232-6fb6e7bb4a264b9792912788219b264d 64232-41aedd9ec54242429840bb9559091f3c



Hermes Folding Travel Belt

Designed for a problem whose existence is more questionable than certain, the Hermes Folding Travel Belt is supposed to serve as an easier-to-store spare belt that can make room in a very tight corner of your carry-on luggage. How? By using seven individual leather straps arranged in a zig-zag configuration, turning your belt into a bundle is as easy as flipping items right back into a multi-tool hub.
The Hermes Folding Travel Belt uses a folding ruler construction, complete with metal pivots that should double as studs for an even more stylish look. Yes, the Hermes Folding Travel Belt is a pricey piece, retailing for around £500