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“Football Invisibles” by Mark Yesilevskiy

6975563_15910089_bGraphic designer Mark Yesilevskiy has always been passionate about the beautiful game of football and to celebrate that passion, he’s produced this “Football Invisibles” project. Celebrating some of the more iconic football kits from around the world, Yesilevskiy has created pieces that not only celebrate these uniforms, but also keep the focus solely on them, rather than the sometimes oversized personalities that wear them. To do so, the graphic designer decided to completely omit the players and instead used a “ghost” technique which gives the uniforms a sense of life and motion. With kits like the ’94 Manchester United home, ’98 World Cup winning France  home, and the ’94 United States men’s national team included in the project, it’s worth checking out if you have love for the beautiful game. The prints can also be purchased here

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Sneaker Sculptures by Jason Ruff


We’ve all felt it: The unique kind of envy that results from encountering something you want, but can’t afford. For artist Jason Ruff in his younger years, it was sneakers and cigarettes — which serve as materials for his latest project.

Using sharp scissors and infinite patience, Ruff has created perfect little replicas of classic Nike high-tops using nothing but the materials found in cigarette packs. OK, there’s some duct tape involved too. But you get the point. He describes it as “mixing the unattainable objects of my youth”, and yes — his creations definitely remind us of what it was like to be 15 and mischievous.

All things considered, these awesomely intricate little sculptures are bound to leave you wanting something. It’s just hard to decide if it’s a smoke or a new pair of kicks.

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Muji Compact Aluminum Compact Pens

Muji-Compact-Aluminum-PensMuji makes just about everything, and they do a damn fine job with every single piece, including theirs new pens….and I love a good pen.  Each one of the available options (fountain, ballpoint and mechanical pencil) is obviously made of aluminum and compact, but you can attach the cap to the end of the pen, or pencil, and write full size. What I’m telling you is that Muji made a good looking collection of functional writing instruments out of lightweight aluminum, and each costs less than a trip to the local cineworld.

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The Illustrated Alphabet of Footwear by Shea Serrano

AirThis is an amazing illustrative project that highlights all of the best shoes and sneakers at every letter of the alphabet (even though they are a few cheats in there), ie. Air Force 1, Brogue, Common Projects, etc. Originally featured on Four-Pins, the illustrations were done by Shea Serrano who is a writer and illustrator living in Houston, TX, Check out the full list below.

AirForce1 Brogue common-projects doublemonk Espadrilles flyknit German-Army-Trainer Hiking-Boots Iverson-Reebok-Questions Jordan Kiltie Lunar-Flow minnetonka-moccasin New-Balance Oxford Penny-Loafer Quoddy-Boat-Shoe rosche-run Samba Tretorn-Nylite Undefeated-Puma-Clyde Vans-Authentic Wallabees XMcnairy Yeezy Zoom-Kobe-8

T-Shirt Display Frame



Some people concider T-shirts items of clothing, I on the other hand class them as art…and art should be displayed for other to enjoy. Watch this space for an exhibition of Supreme T-shirts from my spare bedroom! £42 each from here

Bicycle Taxidermy

Before east London swapped feet for ‘fixies’ I owned my pride and joy a PK Ripper BMX now I loved it like it part of my own family, to cut a long sad story short it was killed by a Redcar & Cleveland bin wagon damaged beyond repair all the joy and memories gone!! Thanks to Bicycle Taxidermy, you can remember your old friend every time you walk into your house. Bicycle Taxidermy is a plaque and wall mount for your old ride’s handlebars. If you don’t have a broken down bike, you can also purchase a plaque with some other bike front already attached, though that story is a bit less interesting. I recommend using your own, so go out there and shoot your bike. Buy here

Nike Sneaker Illustrations by Jack Stocker


Jack Stocker is an illustrator with an interesting take on sneakers. Created as part of his final project for college, this set of six illustrations is a unique interpretation of Nike footwear and more specifically the Nike Air range.

Clean and minimal, the illustrations strip away the detail within the shoes, forcing the viewer to focus on the basic parts of the silhouette and the iconic colors that create it. Jack selected the Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 180, Air Huarache LE, Air Flow and Air Max Light for this project.

Head over to The Daily Street for an exclusive interview with the artist.






Coca-Cola Limited Edition ‘James Bond’ Series



As “shaken, not stirred” enthusiasts wait for the 23rd James Bond release, Skyfall, to hit theaters in November, Coca-Cola has unveiled a series of commemorative cans and bottles to mark the occasion. Marked on Coke Zero bottles, the campaign aims to encourage viewers to “Unlock the 007 In you” and discover the secret agents in themselves, “by sipping a diet version of the legendary beverage.” It’s not the first time the brand is supporting films from the Bond franchise – as the partnership between Coca-Cola Zero and James Bond started in 2008 during Quantum of Solace. Expect to see these sleek versions from the storied beverage maker on shelves very shortly

Stephen Cheetham & Nike Sneakers of the Decades

Designer, artist and illustrator Stephen Cheetham worked on a self-initiated project these last weeks. He expressed his love for sneakers, and specifically Nike sneakers, with a new series of prints. The series documents his favorite Nike sneakers from the past four decades. Due to layout and continuity, the designer limited himself to 8 sneakers per decade, which is of course not an easy choice to make. Check out the full interview here

Julian Opie x Lisson Gallery


I’m a big fan of Julian Opie every since the Blur album cover his work is now on display at London’s Lisson Gallery is the largest solo exhibition to date. Known primarily for his clean and simple portraiture of bold lines vivid color blocking, the retrospective includes inspiration from 17th and 18th century English, Dutch and French portraits alongside sculpture, photography, a series of digitally animated LCD screens, a short film and even an enormous double-sided LED sculpture of a galloping horse. Juxtaposing the classic with the modern and including a vast array of media, Opie’s latest show is set to remain open through August 25, 2012. Oh and I many years ago copied his work for a self portrait! Check out below….aye Julian if you want to pass it off as one of your own nae bother send me an email!!