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Where F$%& Should I Go Drinks!

We’ve all done it wondering around for hours looking for somewhere to have another drink for me its a frequent activity. Plussixfive figured that since a good majority of the people they have met also share the same sentiments, that it would be suitable to introduce Where The Fuck Should I Go For Drinks to you. Straight to the point and fuss-free, you will be provided with a suggested place in a matter of two clicks. The language used could be offensive to some, but we’re quite positive that there are many who would fucking love it.


Adidas Originals iPhone App

In a smart move to connecting with the people, adidas has debuted the adidas Originals iPhone Appthat allows you to access the adidas Originals catalog on the go, and also utilize their shoe recognition software.

adidas’ 3D image recognition software is the first of its kind and enables users to take a picture of an adidas shoe to get recommendations on other colorways available or just find out what shoe it is. It ultimately is a fun way for sneakerheads to explore the multiple faceted sports brand.  LINK

Nike 1948 iPad App

Having recently revamped their conceptual store, East-London’s 1948 have today launched a digitalised version of their popular publication in the form of an iPad app. The software consists of a virtual magazine that offers an exclusive look into the world of London’s sport culture and of course, Nike Sportswear. The inaugural edition of the digital read is a double-header, including not only archived material from previous print releases but also new content that gives fans a sneak-peak into some of the 1948’s forthcoming projects, alongside interactive content from local artists, writers and film-makers. The app is free of charge and can be downloaded here, with future editions to be released on a quarterly basis.


Moleskine App for iPhone & iPad

Purveyors of fine goods and accessories, Moleskine remains the top choice for those small yet elegantly designed notebooks you can’t get enough of. Whether you’re an avid writer, painter, or just have to keep things in order at all times, they’ve got you covered. Now the famed label is looking to enhance their process by way of a new app for the iPhone and iPad and should be on its way soon. Until then, a short visual surfaces just to tease us but you can actually sign-up and register here for the full release in the coming weeks ahead.

Converse The Sampler iPhone App

onverse debuts a new iPhone application entitled The Sampler and it comes with some interesting new features.

“It operates on the simple premise that people like to try things out before buying them. With it, you can sample any Converse shoe from its catalog, simply by pointing your iPhone at your right leg. Using Augmented Reality to place the shoe you’ve chosen over your foot, it appears just as if you were wearing it. If you like what you see, you can share it on Facebook for your friend’s opinions, or purchase the shoes directly from Converse’s mobile web site.

The Sampler is a category first in footwear and was built in collaboration with Converse by R/GA with support from software developer, Tacit Knowledge.”

The application is now available from iTunes.