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Stone Island x New Balance 577



Just a quick one here…I’m in Florence for the Pitti tradeshow and was invited to the opening of Stone Island’s new Florence store. So the usual turning up at these openings and the the street is full of the industries movers & shakers and the store is always too full to get in. Any how on this occasion something was telling me to squeeze into the store (might of been the SI goodie bag!) Once in the store I spied these bad boys. Even though my day job is to buy this particular brand for a number of stores also I read endless blogs I knew nothing of this collaboration between New Balance & Stone Island. Two colourways, this and a white/grey version. Soon as I find and info on the materials etc I will let you know. The facts are €239 and they are not going to be available in the UK oh and I have a size 9 in the orange !!