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Trojan Records x Clarks Originals 40th Anniversary Desert Trek


Clarks’ limited edition 40th anniversary Desert Trek shoe.  Accompanying this is the brand’s collaboration with the musically iconic Trojan Records. The efforts involve a commissioning of four artists to remix original tracks from the record company’s archives for Clarks’ #ORIGINALSREMIXED campaign, commemorating Jamaica’s 50 years of independence. Bringing the focus back on the shoe, the Trojan Records x Clarks Desert Trek model is offered in tan leather, a unique style that differs from the original Brown leather or suede versions known to most. Notable detailing includes a brandished Trojan logo on the quarter and the Desert Trek logo hit on the heel, while the insole reveals the model’s celebrated title.



Swoosh: 40 Years Fly By..Nike

Steven Heller has a look through a Dept. of Nike Archives publication celebrating the 40-year anniversary of the logo designed by Carolyn Davidson

Funny how 40 years swoosh by: June 1971 is the date the Nike Swoosh was launched. Designed by Carolyn Davidson for $35 – a “Bargain Brand,” the Dept. of Nike Archives notes in its extraordinarily understated tabloid-sized newsprint history of the mark (produced for the “benefit of Nike employees”). What others might take an entire book (and many trees) to convey – explaining the origin and history of the Swoosh logo – the “DNA” accomplished in a mere 28 pages.

Included are commentaries by designers and design critics, former employees and recollections by Phil Knight, the co-founder of Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) that evolved into Nike.

The origin of the mark goes like this: Knight wanted to differentiate BRS’s custom product from the ones they were importing from Onituska in Japan: “…so Knight turned to a graphic design student he met at Portland State University two years earlier.” One day in 1969, the student, Carolyn Davidson, was approached by Knight and offered $2 per hour “to make charts and graphics” for his business. For the next two years Davidson managed the design work on BRS. “Then one day Phil asked me if I wanted to work on a shoe stripe,” Davidson recalled. The only advice she received was to “Make the stripe supportive of the shoe.” Davidson came up with half a dozen options. None of the options “captivated anyone” so it came down to “which was the least awful.”

Well, the rest is history. And the Swoosh emerged from “the stripe” and is one of the most recognized logos in the world.  LINK



Brown’s 40th Anniversary Collections

Thanks to the eye of owner Joan Burstein, Browns has been one of the most influential clothing stores in London in the past few decades, having brought the likes of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani to these shores. This year is the iconic boutique’s 40th birthday and to celebrate, designers such as Dries Van Noten &  Moncler were asked to come up with pieces that will be available exclusively in store. I really like this jacket by Moncler (£600, pictured), which shows that while the label may be famous for its skiwear, this year it’ll be as at home in Shoreditch as it is in Chamonix