Burro No Alla Violenza T-shirts


The first No Alla Violenza t-shirts were designed in late 1989, to promote a peaceful world cup for Italia 90. Initially some retailers rejected them on the grounds that the message was ‘too deep’, however they were soon stocked by shops like Duffer of St George, Bond, Geese, Psyche, Hip and Well Gosh and over the next few months everyone was wearing them.The anti hooigan message was taken up not only by serious football fans but all the cool club people as well, by the end of 1990 they were the must have item.  They have been re-released for Brazil and available here

P1190551 P1190553 P1190555 P1190557


4 responses to “Burro No Alla Violenza T-shirts

  1. Hi The Style Raconteur,

    Nice feature. We’d love to get in contact with you regarding our new line ‘pre-season’ that you may be interested in. We drew inspiration from our love of 80s and 90s football shirt design. Reinterpreting the heritage in bold colours, strong graphics and gradients.

    We’re a young label, ctrl+c, drawn from a creative collaboration who met whilst studying at Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Art and Design respectively. We’ve been following your website and after seeing this feature thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

    You can view the collection online at: http://www.ctrlplusc.co.uk

    We’d love to hear from you and the chance to tell you more about us.


    Jack and Conall


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