Rihanna By Mario Sorrenti for LUI Magazine


I’m loving LUI Magazine its like an arty Jazz Mag…Kate Moss one month Rhianna the next! The Barbadian beauty chose to shake hands with French LUI Magazine, which boasts a longstanding track record of semi-nude models. Shot by Mario Sorrenti who has coincidentally worked with Vogue in the past as well as names including Harper’s Bazaar, the shoot stays on par with the singer’s approach; styled in braids and a bucket hat on the cover. While Sorrenti and Rihanna chose to forego a subtle approach, Ri-Ri can be seen laying out in a number of provocative poses, giving viewers a candid view of the Carribean queen’s more intimate tattoos.

rihanna-by-mario-sorrenti-for-lui-magazine-3 rihanna-by-mario-sorrenti-for-lui-magazine-2 rihanna-by-mario-sorrenti-for-lui-magazine-1


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