Veras ‘Santander’ Summer 2014

Santander NvyRed pair

I would love to wear sneakers but everyday somtimes a change is needed, this is where Veras steps in…  Veras is the brainchild of Neil Morris, who originally cut his teeth running Cardiff based store Drooghi. Following the closure of the store in 2007 – Neil upped sticks and moved out to Spain, where he started work with local factories on a line of shoes named after a local village. This small independent company has since gone from strength to strength and can now be found in premium stores around the globe.

One of the highlights of the Summer collection is the classic Santander style, a cross between a espadrille and plimsoll, two styles which have been doing the rounds for many a year but seem to be right together. Updated with three colourways . Red, White & Blue Tri-Colour,  Camouflage and what I like to call Psychedelic Stripe. Avilable from Veras website soon

Santander camo pair Santander Multi

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