Present for Hardy Amies

12195_present-hardy-amies-jacket-gingham-d4-630x441London store, Present, team up with the Savile Row veterans at Hardy Amies for an interesting bundle of pieces to keep you look looking dapper this season. Getting a bit playful with their ‘hunting camo’ print paired with the classic Savile Row colors- the collection features a nice set of hunting jackets, breton tops, crisp shirting, two blouson styles and a couple of Italian made mac coats. Great bits to have in your chilly early Spring line-up.12118_present-hardy-amies-striped-top-navy-d1-630x441 12119_present-hardy-amies-striped-top-red-630x441 12124_present-hardy-amies-houndsd-630x441 12125_present-hardy-amies-shirt-wht-d1-630x441 12126_present-hardy-amies-shirt-blue-630x441 12191_present-hardy-amies-red-bomber-d-630x441 12192_present-hardy-amies-horses-bomber-d5-630x441 12194_present-hardy-amies-jacket-doublebreasted-d3-630x441 12196_present-hardy-amies-jacket-beige-d1-630x441 12197_present-hardy-amies-jacket-navy-d3-630x441 12198_present-hardy-amies-jacket-horses-d-630x441 12121_build-present-hardy-amies-beige-d493245-630x441 12122_build-present-hardy-amies-d93245-630x441


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  1. Just my cup of tea!

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