6876 x CASH CA 2014 Spring Summer Collection


Having teamed up twice before, Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi‘s CASH CA has once again joined forces with British designer Kenneth Mackenzie’s London-based 6876 for a seasonal drop. Apropos of Spring/Summer 2014, the new collection pairs the duo’s penchant for technical outerwear with button-downs, graphic tees and sweats.

6876-cash-ca-2014-springsummer-collection-2 6876-cash-ca-2014-springsummer-collection-3 6876-cash-ca-2014-springsummer-collection-4 6876-cash-ca-2014-springsummer-collection-5 6876-cash-ca-2014-springsummer-collection-6 6876-cash-ca-2014-springsummer-collection-7


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