adidas Element Refine JS


adidas’s latest running shoe is the lightweight and environmentally friendly Element Refine JS. For me I like it because it seems to be a cross between Roshe Run & a Flyknit racer which has been 2 of my fav shoes in the past year.

The shoe features a unique circular mesh fabric upper produced using lessons learned during the development of Primeknit. Strategically placed material splits minimize the amount of material required and support within the upper comes from the strategic placement of both the seams and the 3 Stripe overlay. The seams, though cut and sewn through a traditional process, are anything but and have been placed using insights gleamed from adidas’s extensive research in the running category. The most efficient cut and sew shoe in adidas’s history, with a 90% material usage efficiency, the Element Refine JS is definitely a shoe to keep an eye on this season. Stay tuned for more details and its winter release.

adidas-element-refine-js-1 adidas-element-refine-js-2 adidas-element-refine-js-3


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