Maharishi Spring Summer 2013 Memento Mori Lookbook



Maharishi presents its Spring/Summer 2013 collection in the form of a lookbook, entitled “Memento Mori.” Celebrating the “Year of the Snake” as per Chinese tradition, they have infused several aspects of the animal composition into its collection. Playing on the patterning of snakeskin, the designers focused on reiterating the texture throughout the range; snakeskin is seen in camo, beige and more throughout blazer interiors, T-shirts, shorts and pants.

maharishi-2013-spring-summer-memento-mori-lookbook-3 maharishi-2013-spring-summer-memento-mori-lookbook-2 maharishi-2013-spring-summer-memento-mori-lookbook-4 maharishi-2013-spring-summer-memento-mori-lookbook-5


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