Nike Solarsoft Moccassin


Nike Sportswear continues to expand its range of Solarsoft offerings, this latest design reminds me of my summer beater the Roshe Run.  The Nike Solarsoft Moccassin is back with a new that’s less traditional moc and more minimalist running meets lifestyle comfort a la zenmaster Roshe.

nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-1-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-2-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-3-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-4-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-5-570x383 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-6-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-7-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-8-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-9-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-10-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-11-570x380 nike-solarsoft-moccassin-spring-2013-colorways-12-570x380

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