Demerit Badges

Demerit-Badges-1 Demerit-Badges-2

If you were a Cub Scout, you know that earning badges was you total life for a number of years…badges that you had to do stuff that you were never gonna use as soon as you mam and dad said you didnt have to go to cubs again! This collection of ‘Demerit’ Badges are perfect for honoring such victories as consuming the most meat, assembling a challenging piece of furniture from Ikea or watching internet porn just everyday challeges we as men face. They are produced by our american cousins for there are some shit ones in there but hey At just four $$$ a pop (about 2 1/2 quid!) , you can collect a bunch and start sewing them on your little uniform. (PS – Ladies we have a “Flashing” badge to give out . . . just a heads up.) BUY


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