Julian Opie x Lisson Gallery


I’m a big fan of Julian Opie every since the Blur album cover his work is now on display at London’s Lisson Gallery is the largest solo exhibition to date. Known primarily for his clean and simple portraiture of bold lines vivid color blocking, the retrospective includes inspiration from 17th and 18th century English, Dutch and French portraits alongside sculpture, photography, a series of digitally animated LCD screens, a short film and even an enormous double-sided LED sculpture of a galloping horse. Juxtaposing the classic with the modern and including a vast array of media, Opie’s latest show is set to remain open through August 25, 2012. Oh and I many years ago copied his work for a self portrait! Check out below….aye Julian if you want to pass it off as one of your own nae bother send me an email!!




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