Stone Island 30th Anniversary 30/30 Jacket 0057154TTY2


I know i keep banging on about this 30th anniversary collection but how can you stop with product like this…The 30-30 jacket is designed to embody 30 years of innovation, incorporating a range of Stone Island’s most advanced signature technologies. Combining an outer jacket and liner, both of which are reversible, the jacket may be worn in a total of 30 different configurations (yup that’s 30 jackets in one that’s £52.50 per jacket!) The outer parka is comprised of Raso Gommato – rubberised cotton satin – with the brand’s proprietary Mussola Prismatica coating on one side and an anti-drop treatment. The internal jacket, which may also be worn over the parka, combines Stone Island’s legendary ‘Liquid Reflector’ treatment with their heat-reactive, microencapsulated pigment technology, which causes the jacket to change colour in response to temperature. Available here





One response to “Stone Island 30th Anniversary 30/30 Jacket 0057154TTY2

  1. what no goggles! its a fun idea but really

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