Nudie Jeans “Woad/Guado” Limited Edition Collection

Nudie Jeans has just unveiled their new, limited edition “Woad/Guado” collection; a 6-piece line of completely organic product dyed from the Woad plant. Recognized as the earliest known method of indigo coloring, dyes produced from Woad trace back to medieval times. While organic and historically rich, it’s hardly commercially viable to dye with Woad, because it takes over 1,000 kilograms of the plant’s leaves to yield only a single kilogram of dyestuff. But there are still those at Nudie who appreciate the traditional labor-intensive process and the purity of Woad, and thus this collection has been born. However, to get enough dye for the jeans, shirts, and jackets in this collection, Nudie Jeans first had to procure a year’s worth of dyes from an Italian Woad farm. Each piece will carry a special stamp and will be uniquely numbered to reiterate the line’s extremely limited production. Look for the the “Woad/Guado” collection at selected Nudie stockists, like the Nudie Jeans House in Los Angeles, and the Atrium store in New York City’s East Village.


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