ONETrueSaxon Hunman Jacket


Unless you’re English, or have a passion for ex-industrial cities in the British Midlands, chances are the only thing you’ll associate Nottingham with is its famed forest where Robin Hood used to assault rich people, steal their shit, and give it to his poor friends. What you probably don’t know is that, bizarrely, it’s also the home of three global fashion brands—Speedo, Paul Smith, and ONETrueSaxon. (Vice) The brand has been under the radar for a number of seasons but in my eyes it’s set to have its best years yet. Part on the new ‘grown-up’ collection is MADE IN GT. BRITAIN, doing what it says on the tin and being fully manufactured on our amazing shores. The highlight from the collection in the Hunman jacket which is created from a ‘British Millerain’ wax and available in four colour options all with different tartan linings. Buy the full collection here





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