TSR on ‘I AM PACKED.com’

This is a feature that I’ve always loved on other blogs like ‘Essentials’ on Hype Beast but there has never been a specialist website for them. I AM PACKED is the latest project from Slamhype founder Adam Bryce, and provides hours of entertainment, fulfilling our voyeuristic tendencies. Born out of an obsession for travel, the site is a collection of images showing the contents of it’s contributor’s rucksacks. The variety of submissions ranges from Middlesbrough student Ben Benjasiriwan on a day trip to London, through to the international travels of Eric Lin as he packs for a trip from Los Angeles to Tokyo and now my good self..check it out here. This is a feature I am going to start uploading on here with a few of my friends and collegues of the industry so keep your eyes peeled.


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