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Royal Mint ‘Offside Explained’ 50p Coin

We’ve all been there sat with our girls watching the match…’Whats offside mean?’ no more of missing the rest of the game explaining now just flip her this 50p and let her get on with it!!! Football (not soccer) “offside” gets explained in this commemorative coin which was ultimately part of a series of crowd sourced designs ahead of London’s 2012 Olympic Games. All 29 sports are represented by 50p coin with the following design by Neil Wolfson which breaks down the rule in a simplistic (and hopefully understandable) way. The coin is available now via the Royal Mint.


Nike Blazer Nylon Hi Electrolime Colourway


Of all the retro styles to undergo Nike’s pre-yellowed vintage treatment, it appears the Blazer is on the receiving end of that particular honour more frequently than most. It makes sense — the Blazer was born in 1973, after all, and its spartan, no-frills design certainly evokes a simpler time. A new Electrolime colorway, however, makes the case that the sneaker is just as relevant today as it was in the polyester ’70s. Built with a ballistic nylon upper in an appealing neon green hue that highlights the shoe’s clean lines, the Vintage Nylon Blazer Hi is available for pre-order from Nike stockists.



Timberland Abington – Alpine Ox Hiker

A slight variation of the original, yet the Alpine Ox Hiker from Timberland Abington still retains the same ruggedness that Timberland footwear came to known for. In a low cut silhouette, each quipped with lightweight EVA outsole from Vibram, a suede and canvas upper, and premium leather accents from Horween.  Lined with leather laminated with Gore-Tex layer, the Alpine Ox Hiker extrudes comfort like a pair of sneakers though tempered by Mother Nature.  Available in the coming months as part of Timberland Abington Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

Merry Christmas


聖誕快樂 – Gëzuar Krishtlindjet – عيد ميلاد مجيد – Bon Nadal – Veselé Vánoce – Merry Christmas – Häid jõule – Joyeux Noël – Frohe Weihnachten – मेरी क्रिसमस – Nollaig Shona – Buon Natale – メリークリスマス – ¡Feliz Navidad – God Jul – С Рождеством – สุขสันต์วันคริสมาสต์ – Nadolig Llawen – Happy Holidays

Ray Ban Meteor Sunglasses


With styles like the Aviator and Wayfarer under their hat, you better believe Ray-Ban knows a thing or two about the classics. That design know-how is perfectly exemplified in their new Meteor sunglass, a 60s inspired style with vintage colorways reproduced from that same era.

Vans iPhone Waffle Case


Something things pass you by and when you find out about them it’s too late and they have gone. Now that’s not some deep and meaning full status it’s in fact taking about products. It doesn’t happen very often but I never had a clue about this Vans iPhone 4 case until yesterday 24 hours too late!! This case was made for me! It could not be any more classic Vans in terms of styling.

Vans have announced that the next drop will be in February 2012 and will sell for $28. Now I have two options, wait till a fresh drop hits in Feb 12 or pay £80 on eBay….what to do?




Bianchi By Gucci

Founded in Italy in 1885, Bianchi is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in business today. The company has partnered with Gucci on a pair of bicycle models designed by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. It’s a collaboration that makes more sense than one would initially think. As Giannini explains, “Ever since Gucci’s founding, traveling in style has been at the heart of the house’s designs.” In this case, those designs take the form of two bicycles built for two different types of rides, both adorned with Gucci’s signature green/red/green web stripe. One is a single-speed road bike made with white hydro-formed steel with custom brown leather grips and saddle. The other has a matte black carbon fiber frame and disc brakes, perfect for off-roading or rugged city streets. The concept of traveling in style is completed with matching accessories made up of helmet, gloves and water bottle. The Bianchi by Gucci bicycles are available at select Gucci boutiques worldwide, as well as the Bianchi Cafe & Cycles concept store in Stockholm.

Star Wars By Evian Concept | By Mandy Brencys

If watching the complete Star Wars saga on Blu-ray has taught us anything, it’s that the classic films’ beloved characters would look great as design concepts on special bottles of Evian water. Fortunately for us, art student Mandy Brencys took the fanciful notion and made it into reality by actually designing glass bottles of Evian to resemble C-3P0, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. Part of a student design project, these Evian bottles sadly won’t be coming to a store near you, nor to ones in galaxies far, far away. We just hope Mandy’s instructors at Hamburg’s Miami Ad School gave her extra points for not including any characters from the prequel trilogy.

Nigo Interview


Hypebeast recently had the privilege to sit down for a free-flowing conversation with one of biggest luminaries in the world of fashion: NIGO. Having already created a successful imprint with BAPE, he has now moved on to his vintage, Americana-inspired line Human Made, which is certainly making more waves than ripples. Using prompted questions as a jumping off point, NIGO touches on everything from the Harajuku boom to his recent collaboration with :CHOOCOLATE.

If the Harajuku boom never happened… then it might actually be a good thing. Shops already existed way before the so-called “boom,” so the whole uprising was too unnatural to begin with.

The new COLDCOFFEE store provides… limited and handcrafted items. They’re the main factors behind the HUMAN MADE brand, as well as this new retail concept.

Vintage to me… is a lifestyle. Right now, I’m all into it. Cars, bikes, furnitures, vintage everything. For example, it’s pretty easy to catch a fish with modern fishing gear, but for me, I rather use the old stuff as they provide a certain challenge to the sport.

The recent workwear trend… is pretty interesting. There are a lot of variations in the market, but none really replicates the true silhouette, everything is too tailored down right now. I also noticed a strong following in Europe too, but not so in Hong Kong. Hopefully this is something Hypebeast can help with? (laughs)

The relationship with I.T… is going very well. I really respect them as they’re super efficient and they always provide me with new ideas to work with. Making the impossible possible.

The new collaboration with :CHOOCOLATE… provides a different take to the previous lineup, as this time we only incorporated Baby Milo into the fold. The two brands follow a similar aesthetic, so the merging was a easy process.

:CHOOCOLATE’s mass market appeal… is something that I admire. At this day and age, it’s really hard to have a successful and more importantly, sustainable business model.

The Chinese market… is a pretty hungry one. It’s like Hong Kong 10-15 years ago, where people are open to everything. Although it’s still at an initial stage, but it’s potential growth is unprecedented.

The power of the A Bathing Ape logo… is pretty out of control. To be honest, it’s more famous than myself (laughs). It’s amazing to see how people are still attached to the image, definitely something that I’m really proud of.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes… is not a bad film but I’m actually more of a Star Wars Fan (laughs).

Counterfeit goods… are beyond my control and it’s something that you can’t really stop. You’ll only see replicas of successful brands, so I guess its also a good thing.

Life after A Bathing Ape… it’s a good time for me as I’m in a transitional period, now I have more time to see my friends and this semi-break is a perfect opportunity to rest and think about new projects such as HUMAN MADE.

In 10 years time… I think I’ll move on to another project or brand. To be more realistic, I would think of it as “In 20 years time…” Because I believe each project takes 20 years to complete, like A Bathing Ape, we’re closing into our 20th Anniversary and it’s been a great journey. Looking at one’s life, it’ll be cool if I can reach the same level as BEAM’s president Yo Shitara, he’s 60 and he’s probably having the best times of his life. That’s exactly what I’m aiming for right now.



Stone Island Spring Summer 2012 Lookbook


Embracing the principles of function and experimentation since its establishment in 1982, Stone Island continues to innovate with the release of its 2012 spring/summer lookbook. Initial photos showcase finely-crafted outerwear pieces masked in neutral colors, but bold colors become evident by a particularly sharp set of orange jackets. More information on availability and pricing will be available in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy what is sure to be a terrific collection.