Apple iPhone 4S


Today Apple announced the release of the new iPhone 4S. Next to a faster processor, impressive graphical performance, the phone also features longer battery power, an intelligent new antenna, faster data up- and downloading and more. This is the first iPhone world phone, supporting both GSM and CDMA networks. The new camera comes equipped with 8 megapixel chip and promises much better pictures sharpness. Also the camera now features face detection, 1080p HD video recording and a better white balance. In other exciting news, you can now project your iPhone 4S screen onto a bigger screen, using AirPlay Mirroring – it works wired and wireless.

One of the most impressive features is for sure the ‘Siri’ voice recognition and command tool. You can simply ask what time it is anywhere in the world or what weather it will be tomorrow, and the phone will spit out the answer immediately. You can even make calendar appointments and reminders by voice with Siri, from the demo the tool is very impressive. You can search ask ‘Search Wikipedia for…’ and Siki will give you the answer. Anything from ‘Call Mom’, ‘Set appointment for 9pm’, ‘How Do I Get Home’, ‘Email George about the trip’, and much more will work with Siri.

In terms of design, the phone looks exactly like the current iPhone 4, will come in both black and white. Pre-orders for the phone start on October 7th and it will officially release on October 14th. There will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. (Via engadget)






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