Cruise 30th Anniversary T-Shirts

To commemorate our landmark 30th year anniversary, Cruise has collaborated with celebrity friends Ant and Dec, Paulo Nutini, Sharleen Spiteri, Robert Carlyle, Lorraine Kelly, Michelle Mone and Tali Lennox to design a collection of exclusive t-shirts to help raise valuable funds for children’s charity Cash for Kids.

The limited edition t-shirts feature original designs inspired by a happy memory from the celebrities’ own childhood to help highlight the plight of disadvantaged children, ultimately sending a message of empowerment and hope. The t-shirts evoke blissful memories from the celebrities; Lorraine Kelly remembers singing along to Dusty Springfield songs with her Mother and Sharleen Spiteri reminisces about past times and activities that still make her smile. Michelle Mone remembers her love for Monopoly and dreams of owning a small piece of Mayfair, Tali Lennox was inspired by her favourite childhood toy, a rocking horse given to her by her mother, while Ant & Dec recall fond memories of football matches watched at St James’ Park Newcastle.

Only 30 of each design will be produced and sold in-store for a minimum donation of £30 on Thursday 29th September. All proceeds from the t-shirts will go to Cash for Kids Charity.

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