Stone Island Liquid Refective Jacket (5515 45644) Autumn Winter 2011

Stone Island is up once again for another innovative presentation with this new video featuring the latest Liquid Reflective Jacket. (5515 45644) It’s perhaps the most anticipated piece of this season’s collection The AW11 version uses the new version of the reflective process which gives the unique ‘liquid’ finish. Thousands of glass micro spheres are sprayed onto the jacket, which is then baked to set the colour, and the reflective properties into the jacket.

The official word is… ‘Through rigorous experimentation, research and design, the sophisticated approaches that were applied to this advanced jacket is a continuation from previous implementations of liquid reflective technology. This new offering however still garners all signature technical compositions along with several added aspects that put the outerwear in a league of its own’.

All in all Stone Island have again cemented themselves as the market leader in outerwear! Both Cruise & Van Mildert will have it online very soon.


One response to “Stone Island Liquid Refective Jacket (5515 45644) Autumn Winter 2011

  1. I want to buy one but I am not finding does any body knows where can I find ?

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